You've seen the film, now take action. Help a refugee or IDP start or grow a business with as little as $25:  

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Kiva is an international nonprofit, founded in 2005 and based in San Francisco, with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. We celebrate and support people looking to create a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.

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Kiva's World Refugee Fund

The World Refugee Fund was created in 2017 to grow and support Kiva's work with refugees, IDPs and host communities. Kiva expects to deploy $2.9 million in loans to refugees and IDPs and an additional $6M to host communities in countries such as Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey by the end of 2017

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Human Flow + Kiva

The film Human Flow, directed by renowned artist Ai Weiwei, poses a question that will define this century: Will our global society emerge from fear and isolation and choose a path of openness, freedom and respect for humanity?

You can choose that path today by making a loan to a refugee or IDP on Kiva, a nonprofit platform for crowdfunding loans to small-scale entrepreneurs around the world. You can help refugees start or grow businesses, access financial services and create jobs, as well as support and assist host communities.

Will you act today to help those most affected by the global refugee crisis?

You can learn more about Human Flow here.